The Pulse Legal Publication and The Pulse of Independence, daily newspapers of general circulation, were started in 1995 and qualified to print public notices in September, 1998. Since then, we have become the paper of choice for service by publications, circuit and probate courts’ notices, miscellaneous notices and foreclosure postings in Jackson County, Missouri. The Pulse Legal Publications include legal, financial, real estate and general news in their publications. We serve our clients by providing specialized information and marketing leads to grow their businesses.The Pulse Legal Publication makes no representation or warranties about the accuracy of these reports.  We do make every effort to ensure that the information is true and accurate, however we can not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from any omissions or errors contained in the reports as our information can be easily copied. There will be no refunds for any reason and you may cancel your subscription at anytime. The Pulse Legal Publication assumes no liability whatsoever with the use or misuse of the data contained herein.  All information is subject to change up to and including the time of the foreclosure sale.  Your purchase of a subscription constitutes your acceptance and understanding of this policy.